"FILBUR has been an excellent manufacturing partner for the Horizon Series brand of premium pool and spa filter cartridges. We have been very pleased with their consistency in the quality of the product, packaging, delivery, lead times, and customer service, even during the height of the summer pool season and the fall spa season. This consistency has allowed Horizon to provide the absolute best to its dealer network and they in turn to the pool and spa owner. FILBUR is also committed to a business philosophy that supports the wholesale distribution channel and we will support any manufacturer who believes as FILBUR does. Thank you FILBUR for your efforts and for allowing us to shine for our dealers!"

~ Ray, Horizon Spa & Pool Parts, Inc.

"FILBUR Manufacturing produces, by far, the highest quality filter in the pool & spa business. They also provide the highest level of detail and customer service starting with Lupe Benitez, along with their entire staff."

~ Major OEM Spa Manufacturer

I had called a sales representative at A1 Pool Parts. com, which is a southern CA based company in Santa Ana/Costa Mesa. The lady that helped me was very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I had been doing quite a bit of research on the internet looking at different pool parts sites trying to figure out which brand of grids to purchase for my filter. I spoke to the same lady from A1 Pool Parts twice within a day and she was very complimentary of your company's filters. I talked to her about the different prices and manufacturers for filter grids that I had come up with looking around the internet and how they all compared. She recommended without any hesitation your Filbur grids and it wasn't just because her company sold them. She told me that they had a solid history of positive feedback from customers who had purchased your grids, and that if I wasn't pleased with them that she would gladly allow a return. Her confidence in your product and her compliments sold me.

The reason I contacted your company was that when my grids arrived the box had "Super Pro genuine replacement parts" printed on it, and I was expecting to see Filbur on the box. Rather than call the people at A1 Pool Parts I thought I would just go directly to the source and confirm with your company that I did actually receive your grids that the lady at A1 had spoken so highly of.

As for my pool guy, he just installed all the new grids into my 60 square ft Nautilus filter on Monday Feb 13th and they are working beautifully. I called him after I received the grids in the mail and after I had confirmed that they were indeed Filbur grids to let him know that the grids were here and ready to be installed. At that time he told me that I had indeed purchased a good set of grids!

~ Marc, Pool Owner

Here at Sun Devil Pool Supply in Queen Creek, we pride ourselves on using quality products at a reasonable price. FILBUR manufacturing has always exceeded our expectations with great customer service and great products.

~Larry Curley, Store Manager Sun Devel Pool Supply, Queen Creek